PBF Gala’2019

PBF thanks everybody – the donors, doctors, surgeons, patients and everybody who support us in every little step that we take! It helps make PBF stronger everyday | Mehdi Hasan, a British Journalist and the keynote speaker for PBF Gala’2019 #pbfusa

PBF Inauguration

On August 12, 2016, hundreds showed their support by attending the inauguration of the nonprofit organization, Patient Benefit Foundation. PBF’s mission is to aid in funding elective surgical procedures for those lacking insurance coverage or financial resources, so that they may receive the proper care and attention they deserve. The event was held at the […]

Philanthropy, A Lifestyle

These executives have years of experience in patient care and understand the patients, not just from a financial point of view, but they understand the patient’s medical necessity as well. All of this allows PBF to operate with the lowest overhead possible, making more funding available to more patients.