What types of procedures are covered by the Patient Benefit Foundation?

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All elective, or non-emergent, surgeries qualify.

How do I qualify? 

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In order to qualify the patient must three requirements:

  • CITIZENSHIP:The Patient must either be a U.S. citizen with a social security number or be a permanent resident.
  • Proof of Financial Need: The patient must submit a copy of their most recent tax return.If no income is received, then a leter explaining their financial need will suffice,If the patient is on disability, they must sign an affidavit stating that they are not receiving income from other sources.
  • Surgical Need:The surgery must be deemed elective by the insurance provider or the hospital,including referral information and medical records.

What is the money I donate used for? 

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The surgical fees for the medical facility and the cost of the anesthesia.

Where will my procedure be done? 

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We have partnered with the memorial Hermann Surgery Centers because their charity pricing was the most competitive and their facilities are first-rate.The location of the procedure would also be based on the surgeon’s specific preference and what facility can provide the surgery for the patient.

How is my surgeon selected? 

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Numerous top surgeons of the greater Houston area have partnered with the Patient Benefits Foundation,and surgeon selection depends on the location of the patient and the type of procedure they are in need of.

Are donations to PBF tax deductible? 

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