PBF Inauguration

On August 12, 2016, hundreds showed their support by attending the inauguration of the nonprofit organization, Patient Benefit Foundation. PBF’s mission is to aid in funding elective surgical procedures for those lacking insurance coverage or financial resources, so that they may receive the proper care and attention they deserve. The event was held at the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square, and it marked a very special night for the community to come together and raise awareness of the powerful work by the Patient Benefit Foundation.

The event brought to light how healthcare remains inaccessible to millions of Americans, even in this modern day and age. Many require elective surgeries but are unable to receive the surgical care they need and deserve due to being uninsured or underinsured. There are several elective surgeries that could prevent a patient’s health from deteriorating to a life-threatening state, but because of financial difficulties, tragically, these surgeries go undone until it’s too late. The Patient Benefit Foundation makes surgery possible for those in need.

This transcendent evening featured entertainment exhibitions of music, dance, and fashion. Dr. Mumtaz Hassan delivered a powerful keynote speech, thanking guests for their generous support that allows PBF to provide funding for surgical care for those in need. A member of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America, Dr. Amin Karim, brought awareness to patients’ needs worldwide, thus furthering the Patient Benefit Foundation’s efforts to reach every area of the globe. Many were honored and recognized for their continuous efforts:

Award Recipients

Certificates of Appreciation

  • Kimberly Redman Carolyn Martinez
  • Elizabeth Bryan
  • Katherine Yeager
  • Maryam Syed
  • Muhammad Hassaan Mubashir
  • Abia Mubashir
  • Nargis Fatima
  • Brenda Petras

Entertainment Provided By

  • D&H DancersJaz Creationz
  • Pianist students of Vanzi Lin
  • Violinist Azi Khan
  • Frank & Brenda Petras