What is an elective surgery?

An elective procedure is something that a patient agrees to in advance, rather than one performed in case of an emergency. Often, people think of elective procedures as pertaining to cosmetic surgery, but it also includes other procedures that could be life-threatening if not addressed. For example, when untreated, cholecystitis (the inflammation of the gallbladder) can lead to serious complications, possibly even death. Thousands of people need these dire procedures but have no way of paying for it. No one should have to question whether they will live or die because they cannot afford to have a required surgery. This is where the Patient Benefit Foundation steps in.

How to Qualify

Eligibility for assistance is based on a patient’s medical history and their economic status. To qualify, you will need to provide documentation from a physician’s office, confirming that you need the proposed procedure. In addition, through the form below, you will need to confirm that you are in the correct economic status to qualify for financial support (additional documentation may be required as needed). Once approved, the physician’s office will schedule the procedure within their primary facility of practice. When necessary, the Patient Benefit Foundation may assist in helping transport the patient to the location of the procedure when they have no alternative options.


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