How We Help :

We provide patients with financial assistance for surgical procedures, which are classified as an “elective surgery”  by insurance companies but are vital in addressing future complications in a patient’s health. 

What is an elective surgery?

An elective procedure is something that a patient agrees to in advance, rather than one performed in case of an emergency. Often, people think of elective procedures as pertaining to cosmetic surgery, but it also includes other procedures that could be life-threatening if not addressed. For example, when untreated, cholecystitis (the inflammation of the gallbladder) can lead to serious complications, possibly even death. Thousands of people need these dire procedures but have no way of paying for it. No one should have to question whether they will live or die because they cannot afford to have a required surgery. This is where the Patient Benefit Foundation steps in. 

How You Can Help :

Patient Benefit Foundation functions solely on the donations of generous individuals and organizations and could not function without the help of our wonderful community. Please consider a donation today. 

Get to know us /Our impact :

We strive to provide assistance in elective surgical procedures for those lacking insurance coverages to receive the proper care and attention they deserve. 

What we do :

The Patient Benefit Foundation (PBF) is governed by a volunteer board of directors that includes local business, industry, and community leaders. Day-to-day operations and administrative positions are assigned to executive volunteers from the various Universal Surgical Partners companies. These executives have years of experience in patient care and understand the patients, not just from a financial point of view, but they understand the patient’s medical necessity as well. All of this allows PBF to operate with the lowest overhead possible, making more funding available to more patients. 

Who we are :

The Patient Benefit Foundation (PBF) was founded in 2014 because there was a clear need that had been left unaddressed by other charitable organizations. Emergent and catastrophic surgeries were being assisted by multiple charities, but no one was reaching the patient in need of elective surgeries that were necessary to prevent future complications. The Patient Benefit Foundation began taking shape in 2015 when the infrastructure necessary to move the organization forward was put into place. 

By 2016, board members and organizational activities had been finalized, informational materials had been developed, and the Patient Benefit Foundation began recruiting surgeons and facilities to help with the cause. A gala introducing the Patient Benefit Foundation was held to formally introduce the organization to Houston, Texas, and the surrounding communities. 

In 2017, the organization began performing surgeries with several participating surgeons and many medical facilities. By the end of the year, the Patient Benefit Foundation saved patients an estimated $220,000, and no patient was required to contribute financially. 

As the foundation continues in 2019, news of the organization and its work continues to spread, but we need your help. Please consider donating today, so that we may continue assisting those in need. The Patient Benefit Foundation is a charitable organization recognized to be tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to PBF are tax-deductible. 

Why does it matter?

At PBF, we aid with the surgical costs for those in need by partnering with surgeons and facilities to accommodate for the cost elective surgical procedures.

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